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We Have Created The Form, You Speak To The Market

“The Formula for Success is this: Rise Early, Work Hard, Strike Oil”

- John Paul Getty

Some companies spend their entire time meandering down the path of mediocrity until they finally succumb. Since 2011, Lime 2.0 Social Media Solutions has been highly successful, dominating its industry and continuing to forge new ground through innovation and the understanding of client demands and perceptions.

Join Us

We have business opportunities available for those with the passion and the courage to join a winning team with proven systems and scintillating products.

Applicants submit their proposal, detailing their experience and qualifications to be evaluated by Lime 2.0 Social Media Solutions’ board. The key criteria are as follows:

1: Business Experience: Preference is given to candidates who have a ‘good business sense’. This can be defined as someone who understands what business owners want from a street-level. This is because you will be put in situations where you must provide honest guidance without hesitation or apology.

2: Sales Experience: You must be able to effectively paint a picture for the client of what his/her business will look like once a Lime 2.0 solution has been rolled out. You must be a dream builder who can take the future, create it now, and effectively show it to others.

3: Communication Ability: You don’t have to be a poet, novelist or English professor but you must have a firm grasp of the language. You must be able to master the Lime 2.0 material and effectively present it to others.

4: Financial Ability: You should have a solid financial footing before getting involved in this business. People who don’t, make tactical errors and advise poorly as personal factors cloud their judgement.

5: Intestinal Fortitude: The biggest determining factor of success is the ability to make difficult decisions in an uncomfortable situation and proceed forward. Candidates should have an ample supply of determination, persistence, endurance, and courage.

We ask for nothing more except for enthusiasm and commitment. If this sounds like you, and you want to submit a proposal to Lime 2.0 Social Media Solutions, contact us now.





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