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Market Creatively. Maximise ROI.

Lime 2.0 Social Media Solutions' Campaign solutions create a focal point to your marketing. By having focus, you can generate scarcity, urgency and demand around your product offerings. This leads to an increased volume of sales and ultimately profit. All by channelling your marketing and message to a single end.

More juice from your marketing effectiveness

Maximising investment dollars into your business is crucial. The single biggest problem to every business is having your income level less than your expenditure. Campaign Solutions create that compression where the audience acts. This has the dual benefit of increasing income and reducing expenditure.

By using strategic thinking and creative execution we can deliver higher return on investment in terms of exposure and leads generated than if you ran the advertisements yourself.

We focus on running campaigns that create a peak in interest. In the lead up, our marketing solutions are available 24 hours a day to your audience. Our proven strategies have proven to be resilient over time, during times of boom and bust, to ensure your business still runs at top speed with the highest efficiency.


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Selecting the right Campaign solution…

Lime 2.0 Social Media Solutions Campaign Solutions are for business owners who know they want to increase the lifetime value of their client, increase conversion rates and build trust. Our offer is 3 solutions with different investment levels and specification – Enterprise,Premier & Corporate. Our Campaign Collaterals are designed to get your business and your services noticed.

Enterprise Solution

Buy Online: $3,900  

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This is our entry-level Campaign solution. This solution is well suited to new businesses looking for a dynamic campaign based around Yellow Pages and digital advertising.

Premier Solution

Buy Online: $6,900  

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This is our most popular Campaign Solution developed for evolving companies on the move up. A complete suite of digital and print ads and marketing is created around a compelling campaign tailor made for your business.

Corporate Solution

Buy Online: $10,900  

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Our corporate Campaign Solution offers all the functionality outlined in this brochure. This solution is the ideal option for every business looking for serious return on investment.