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Solutions for Finding Potential Customers

Integrated Solutions

Lime 2.0 Social media Solutions Integrated Solutions is the ultimate investment into any business. It takes a blended approach to web and marketing by Turning The Ordinary Into The Extraordinary.

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Web 2.0 Solutions

Our Web 2.0 solutions are designed to channel word-of-mouth business through customers’ social networks. For companies on the move and who want the benefit of an ongoing communication loop.

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Internet Life Solutions

Our Internet Life Solutions complement our Web 2.0 solutions and are designed to increase the impact of your Social Marketing to deliver bottom line benefits.

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MiniSite Solutions

Lime 2.0 Social media Solutions Minisite Solutions create a connection with your audience by finding focal points in your business and drilling down on the detail.

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Mobile Site Solutions

Lime 2.0 Social media Solutions Mobile Site Solutions allow business owners to reach a larger audience by engaging savvy tech-users by using their preferred communication tool for effective impulse engagement.

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