Glass Ceilings Were Made To Be Smashed

Penetrative Ideas Create Direction, Certainty and Momentum

1. Create Emotional Connection

At the core of the engagement process is emotional connection. Whether your aim is to make a sale, generate a lead or simply want someone to answer a survey honestly, you have to press the keys that resonate with your chosen audience.

Apathy will always be your enemy. However, by creating an emotional connection you can soar. From apathy comes excitement.

Choice messages, common sense and a dash of creativity are your best guides to hitting the right notes.

2. Bookmark Your Wins

When success comes, and inevitably it does come, in one guise or another, remember to bookmark that precise moment in time. Many businesses fail to record their success and in turn fail to recognise how that success came to be in terms of approach, execution and scope.

How can that precise moment be recreated, replicated then repeated, over and over again? Most business know what issues can make their business fail. Identifying what elements make your business successful is another story. People will drone on unendingly about what makes their business great but if they had to identify hard data about what makes it successful they become quiet.

Bookmark the moment, build the framework, and apply.

3. Intelligence By Design

Are you adaptable? Is your business? Can you and your business respond to changes in the market, respond to fresh competition, respond to disaster?

Future-proof your business by building systems for sales, marketing and support that adapt and respond to the environment. Technology is your friend and can respond intelligently to your environment. If you tell it to. This is how companies all over the world rely on systems to put their companies on auto-pilot but at the same time continually evolve to meet the market.

Realise the power is at your fingertips to do the same.

4. People Invest In People

The personal touch goes a long way. Personalising your business gives it identity but also gives your prospects a point of connection. People enjoy being engaged. When a person revisits a coffee shop, is it because the coffee was great or the conversation?

Engagement in business is not about stating fact and hoping someone listens. It is about starting a conversation that people are interested in participating in. People invest their time and money in people. How do you start your conversation? Donít be embarrassed.

Warmth, honesty and personality are all commodities that cost your business nothing.





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