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Inform, Educate, Entertain. Regularly.
The new Newsletter solutions from Lime 2.0 Social Media Solutions.

Lime 2.0’s Newsletter solutions trigger actions in your audience and give them opportunities to engage with you. By creating compelling touchpoints, you turn traditional one-way broadcasting into high impact Relationship Marketing.

Relationship marketing with a Newsletter solution.

One of the biggest problems in business is retaining your current clients. You want to retain them because you want extract value of out of them time and again. Unfortunately, most customers of most businesses just ebb away. They use you once then they leave. You will also get website visitors who are just browsing. How do you get them to return to your website?

You can keep them coming back for more with an effective Newsletter strategy. Newsletters are a cost-effective means of complementing your existing communication. Keep your prospects and customers in a communication loop with your business. Newsletters are central to a high-impact marketing strategy. Newsletters are an opt-in form of marketing. In other words, visitors qualify themselves to you to receive information about your business.

Use this to your advantage. Be inventive, create buzz, build a community or go viral. Use special discounts, deals and offers to pull people into your business. Use this platform or inform, educate and entertain.


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Which Newsletter solution best suits your business?

Lime 2.0 Newsletter Solutions are for business owners who know they want to increase the lifetime value of their client, increase conversion rates and build trust with prospects with Relationship Marketing. Our offer is 3 solutions with different investment levels and specification – Enterprise,Premier & Corporate.

Enterprise Solution

Buy Online: $470  

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This is our entry-level Newsletter Solution. This ensures you start marketing effectively. This is a low impact option for businesses that are unsure exactly of their long term business direction and need an interim solution.

Premier Solution

Buy Online: $880  

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Our Premier Newsletter Solution has been developed for evolving companies who are serious about enhancing the impact of their business. This option is very effective but is not a ‘full service’ option.

Corporate Solution

Buy Online: $1,590  

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This solution is the ideal option for every business looking for serious return on investment. You’ll benefit from having the Lime 2.0 team do everything in its power to create better results for your business.