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A Permanent Exhibition To Our Successes

We owe it to our clients to highlight their wins

Welcome to the Portfolio section of our website. This is where you can view our work, the final product of our thinking and our results. Our portfolio will demonstrate how and why certain choices have been made and how that translates into positive results for our clients.

You might be thinking…another portfolio! We’ve seen it all.

True. You’ve seen cool websites, bells, whistles, flash intros that take 36 seconds to load, voiceovers, other stuff. Great. But what do they really achieve? Are they a glorified business card? Are they designed to aggravate the very people they are supposed to engage.

Here we can demonstrate the end product of applying our principles and methodologies to specific cases. We have divided our portfolio into 4 sections:

Case Studies

Real Life Examples, Real Life Results

Each client is different. Each situation is different. The market, the audience, the intended outcomes, all alter the strategies used and the final result.

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Website Showroom

Credit Is Not Given, It’s Earned

Steady yourself. Breathe…slowly. We build high-quality, functional, beautiful web solutions for business.

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Blog Showroom

Publish To Be Heard. Now Listen Good.

A blog is not a self-celebration. It is the opportunity to turn the author into a purveyor of fine knowledge and insight.

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Raw Results Showroom

The Only Truth Is The Result

The main benefit our clients receive is the results we get for them. The structure of each of our projects is geared directly to the desired outcome our clients look for.

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You will see that our strong foundations and our strong principles, create the right product each and every time. There is a reason, architects create blueprints. The building will fall down without solid foundations.

At Lime 2.0, our portfolio not only looks great, but each case was built with the purpose in mind. Spend time reviewing our work, contact us now, for more insight and how it can apply to your business.