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Brand Identity Solutions

Lime 2.0 Social Media Solutions Brand Identity Solutions give your business a competitive edge. Powerful brands we create grow from superior strategies driven by intelligent insights and communicated effectively. Lime 2.0 Social Media Solutions captures the essence of your business for customers, suppliers and competitors to understand what to expect from you. See real return on investment with a high visibility brand.

Enterprise Solution


This is our entry-level Brand Identity solution. We create a single brand around your business that promotes the values and benefits of your business to the market.


Premier Solution


If you have a growing business with the need for a suite of brands (1 company brand + 3 product brands) across your product range, our Premier package allows us to create a family of brands that work within the same value system.


Corporate Solution


Our corporate Brand Identity solution is companies looking to create a overarching branding strategy with a cornerstone brand and a range of 5 sub-brands that fit under that primary brand.