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A Complete Web and Marketing Partner

Unlocking value for clients all over the world

When the Internet was in its infancy and with very little exposure for business in Australia, a niche was clearly appearing for helping businesses succeed on the Internet. It was also clear to us that this niche was going to go mainstream and that businesses would eventually use the internet as their preferred way to communicate, sell and support.

This was going to be especially true in Australia with its gargantuan geographic size and dispersed population. The internet was a way to condense the country and make people who were previously out of reach, a prospect.

Because of these trends, Lime 2.0 begin its operation in 2011 as a web development company. Lime 2.0 Social Media Solutions has evolved over the years and is now an integrated web and marketing solutions company based in Southport, QLD.

We have hundreds of clients in all four corners of the globe across many industries.

Lime 2.0 is unique. Find out more about:

Our Culture

A Client-Centred Culture Creates A Cool Company

Companies succeed because of the calibre of the people they attract. Our people are our company.

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What Makes Our Foundations Makes Us Great

‘Big Hairy Audacious Goals’ is normally dreamt up in some suite in a faraway land where an exasperated business consultant is trying to ‘add value’ by telling you something you told them in the first place.

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Become A Part Of The Lime 2.0 Family

We recognise these 3 cornerstone values as consistent in each member of our team at Lime 2.0. Can you tick each of those boxes? Good.

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Business Opportunities

We Have Created The Form, You Speak To The Market

Some companies spend their entire time meandering down the path of mediocrity until they finally succumb.

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We continually push the boundaries. We just need you to ask us.