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Thinking = Strategy = Advantage

The hallmark of a campaign is the thought process behind it

Our Thinking is at the foundation of what we do. We use practical, responsive strategies and methodologies to help you gain an advantage over your competitors. Using your grey area removes the grey areas for your business.

Think about yourself, your business, your customers, their decisions, what converted them from being a prospect into a client. See how all the elements interact with each other. At Lime 2.0 Social Media Solutions, we have an integrated approach. We believe that all things interact and inter-relate. Recognise this and help your business succeed both off and online.

Get some insight into business by exploring how we think:

The Ideas Board

Glass Ceilings Were Made To Be Smashed

Penetrative ideas create direction, certainty and momentum. So here are sixteen from Lime 2.0.

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Our Purpose

Our United Focus Shapes Our Destiny

Our purpose is painfully simple. If you engage other creatives, you will receive reams and reams of paper explaining in painstaking detail why they are the best.

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Common Misconceptions

The Truth Is Out There, You Just Need To Know It

Marketing is what you make it. However, you need to actually respond to the market for it to be effective.

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Our Approach

Simplicity Is The Hallmark Of Our Success

We have a straightforward approach using on strategy, results and tactical awareness.

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A Veritable Feast Of Insights and Ideas

Our newsletters have been packed from edge to binary edge since our first issue.

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It is our thinking that separates us from our competitors. Everything we do is a means to end. It is the thought process, the strategy and its subsequent, application that creates business success.

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